Special Offers

Seated shoulder, neck and scalp massage

Relax on my specialist massage chair, fully supported, while I release the build up stress from your shoulders & neck using soothing massage and an Eve Taylor Anti Stress Blend Aromatherapy oil.
Then let your thoughts drift as I ease tension from your scalp, 
helping to alleviate headaches and aid sleep. 

Offer runs until 26/6/2018
Only £25!

Do you know someone who suffers with aches and pains from sports or their work?
Or who are always stressed and exhausted?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give them a gift that helps them to feel better?
Well I have the answer with my new pay up front subscriptions, plus you save money too!
Pay upfront for a 3, 6 or 12 treatment pack and pay only £30 per session (currently saving £5 a session)